Dairy investments

Project of the Ukrainian Cooperative Federation

Project of the Ukrainian Cooperative Federation

Farming is experiencing a new stage of its development.  Now it is not just a traditional industry aimed at extracting a certain type of product, but a whole new philosophy.

A good example of this new story can be called a fertile eco-estate – a family farm, modeled on European ones.  It is located near the city and offers the opportunity to order the freshest dairy products with direct delivery.  This is a good example of the “From farm to fork” policy of the European Green Deal – quality products grown in an environmentally friendly way that help people eat healthy.

The projects of the Ukrainian Cooperative Federation are aimed at further promotion and support of farming.  The aim of the Federation is to create family dairy farms to improve the quality of life in rural areas.  It is expected that by 2030, about 20,000 workplaces will be created and 5,000 farmers will be involved in the work – this is not only a significant economic indicator, but also a huge social value.  In addition, the project’s areas of work and values ​​include educating young farmers, explaining the principles of gender equality and environmental responsibility.

The project has already captured the attention of the international community and major government organizations, so we look forward to successful results!