Innovation Bazalt Technology

Continuous basalt fiber

Continuous basalt fiber.

Achieving sustainable development goals is impossible without a quality partnership.

Only under the condition of cooperation and unification on the principle of basic values it is possible to satisfy the interests of all the inhabitants of the planet.  This requires building global and local links, providing assistance to countries in need, and eliminating our common weaknesses through strengths..

That is why SUSTAINABLE UKRAINE has a strong team of partners, whose innovative projects will help to achieve the goals of sustainable development together.

«Innovation Bazalt Technology» —  a project to integrate continuous basalt fiber into the production of a design for renewable energy, environmentally friendly transport and composite building materials.

Basalt is a igneous rock that makes up 30% of the earth’s crust.  Its cost has already decreased to competitive compared to glass fibers, and characteristics such as environmental friendliness, strength, no corrosion, non-flammability and explosiveness, allow us to consider it a new generation material.

According to research, more than 500 basalt deposits in different regions of the world can be used in existing technologies.  Thus, «Innovation Bazalt Technology» literally erases the boundaries and framework of possible cooperation.